Meet Rosso

Rosso is a London-based painter who describes herself as a “transitional” realist to describe her work’s changing nature and variety of styles.

Her work draws from a wide span of artistic movements from Photorealism to Street Art, while also embracing the expressive brushstrokes and markings of Abstract Expressionism.

By Lisa Salerno

The portraits that she paints are striking depictions of carnivalesque characters, and include symbols of contemporary urban folklore as well as religious iconography. Each portrait embodies…

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Meet Al Gord

Al Gord is a self-taught emerging artist who has experimented with a variety of media. As his work evolved, however, Al began using acrylics as his chosen medium. His rock artist portraiture work pays tribute to various music icons, with titles inspired by song names or lyrics.

By Lisa Salerno

With this series of paintings, Al hopes to challenge the viewer to dig past an image of a famous face and into a deeper understanding of each artist represented. Al hopes that his work ‘promotes conversation, as people search to make their own…

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Meet Lindsay Elise Jolly

Lindsay Elise Jolly is a sculptor with a fascination in the way that materials react; whether it be the interaction to the artist’s hand, another material, or with the viewer. Experience and process are key to Jolly’s practice as she explores the unknown and unpredictable.

Embracing chance and the perceived notion of failure she explores her subjects with an intuitive approach, learning from the material as she works. Jolly is deeply intrigued by psychology and the ways in which people approach and understand the world around them;…

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Meet Tanner Jackson Rhines

Born in 1995, the young American talent Tanner Jackson Rhines aged barely twenty years, is a visual artist emerges, and holds great artistic promise of tomorrow. His style, which he called ‘Condention’ is defined as a psychological maze that celebrates life characters from his imagination in the space they occupy.

Influenced and inhabited by the culture of his generation, the complexity of spirituality and the polarities of the world, Tanner Jackson Rhines who draws inspiration for his creations comics and cartoons, outlines the…

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Meet Adam Niklewicz

Born in Poland Adam Niklewicz lives and works in Connecticut, USA

Adam earned his BFA in graphic communications from Washington University in St. Louis and his MFA in sculpture from State University of New York at Purchase.

His work has been featured and discussed in CNN Style, ARTnews, Art New England, The New York Times, Sculpture Magazine, Modern Painters Magazine, The Huffington Post, and the Nation, among others.

In Poland, he has been featured in Artpunkt, Exit, Format and Obieg magazines.  He has shown at such venues…

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