Meet Joan Raspo

Joan Raspo is a California based multimedia artist. A Jill-of-all-creative-trades, Joan paints, codes, sculpts and also directs films.

By Lisa Salerno

Joan is obsessed with illusions. She strives to “trick the viewer’s eye to see reality through a lens of magic”. She sees her art as entertainment. According to Joan, each work is “an opportunity to build drama and tension which invites interaction with (her) audience”. If the goal of Joan’s practice is to include the viewer, she has far exceeded this goal in her latest piece, ASK.ME,…

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Meet Hava Gurevich

Hava Gurevich is a painter whose work explores the wonders of nature. Moving far beyond simple illustrations that one would encounter in a Biology 101 textbook, Hava’s work awakens the viewer to the intricate beauty and design of all living things.

By Lisa Salerno

Hava’s creations are offerings of beauty with a touch of the mysterious and grotesque. Each painting is a playground of gorgeous color, depth, and spirit. Along with these elements of beauty, things like tiny creatures, insects, and slimy textures are also thrown into Hava’s…

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Meet Justin Neher

Justin Neher is an abstract artist from Indianapolis, IN. After a motorcycle accident in 2013 left him disabled and in pain, he found abstract art as a way to heal his self, body, mind, and soul.

Painting pulled Jusin from a depression that had gripped him for nearly three years, ‘It truly was art therapy’ he says.

As a fan of astronomy he drew a lot of inspiration from the cosmos. He tries to reflect that inspiration in his art as much as possible. Justin is always coming up with new ways to reflect his thoughts and feelings on to…

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Meet Janet Carlisle

Janet Carlisle focuses her expressive and creative energy to produce fanciful and innovative collage constructions with imaginary creatures using fibers, papers, and paint.

Descended from four Lithuanian immigrants she lived the first part of her life in Springdale, Pennsylvania.

Janet studied art at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Carnegie Mellon University, and Chatham University. She holds a masters degree in Art Therapy from Seton Hill University and is a Registered – Board Certified Art Therapist.

Janet is a member of the…

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Meet Graham Sheen

Graham Sheen was born in 1982 in Corby, Northamptonshire. and still lives in Corby with his daughter. He finds this helps him to keep active, creative and never in the same place, as anyone with children will know it keeps you busy.

Each day is different and he believe this reflects in his artwork.

How long have you been creating for?

I have been painting since 1999 and found early enjoyment when using acrylic on canvas. Through time I started to use other materials in my work including pins, plastics, wood, denim and any other…

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