Meet Mark Perry

Mark Perry is a painter residing in New York City and East Hampton NY. Born and raised in Providence RI. Perry studied Portraiture and Life Drawing, Evening Division at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), while working for ten years as an Electrical Draftsman for an architectural engineering firm in Providence.

In 1987, Mr. Perry entered the Providence Art Club’s “Open Painting Show” and won the Milton Halladay prize for his portrait, “Bonnie.” He also worked weekly with a small private group (most affiliated with or RISD alumni)…

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Meet David Navas

Artist David Navas creates storyboards and hand-drawn animations for feature documentaries, museum exhibitions and film credits.

His work in the world of non-fiction includes doing illustrations for articles about food and culture and making comics based on actual stories. After over a decade living on the East and West Coasts of the United States, David now works from his studio in his native Barcelona.

Connect with David Navas

Courtesy of Pop My…

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Revisiting: Francoisgotbuffed

In this fast paced industry we don’t always get to an opportunity to reconnect with the artists we feature. We are always keen to see how things have moved on and where possible be a part of their creative journey. Today we are Revisiting Francoisgotbuffed.

Francoisgotbuffed (FGB) is an street-artist/illustrator based in Belfast Northern Ireland. Working in any medium that’s to hand his work is influenced by everything from old cartoons, through 80’s metal record covers to hearing something in a conversation.

Francois Got Buffed…

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How to Prepare Images for the Web

One of the most common problems I see on websites is the use of images that are not optimized. Two telltale signs are (1) images that are too large and require the user to scroll and (2) resolution is too high and the images load slowly.

Optimizing means: resizing the physical dimensions to fit the maximum width for the content area on your website; reducing the resolution to 72 ppi; compressing the image by saving it as a JPG, PNG, or GIF. Your website will load faster with optimized images.

By Anne S. Katzeff

How do you figure out…

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Meet Demi Hopkins

Demi’s work reflects the sense of chaos and identity and is set within a context of fashion and music photography.

Inspired by Hunter S Thompson, William S Burroughs and the spirit and aesthetic of Punk, it is a Post Photographic practice that incorporates Relational processes, accident, chance and a mixing of media to question the boundaries of photography and rebel against the prevailing socioeconomic hegemony and norms.

Connect with Demi…

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