Meet Scott King

Born in 1973 Scott King first started doing graffiti art in the mid 1980’s graffiti art aka spray-can art has been a passion of his since then.

Scott believes in keeping it real and creating what he feels , ‘I love my graffiti art, the origins which inspired me when I was younger was New York subway trains’.

Latley Scott has been pushing towards 3d wildstyle and photo realism being able to master these forms is his next goal . Every year he makes sure he pushes his ability a little further to keep moving forward. ‘I’m my worst critic…

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Meet Samantha Lyon

Samantha Lyon is an unrepresented self-taught artist, who was inspired to start painting when she lived in Australia and was lucky enough to witness several talented Australian Aboriginal artists at work.

She admired their skill, artistry and agility, as well as the fact that that every symbol and animal used in the paintings told a story.

Samantha paints with acrylics and experiments with various styles of art, often incorporating Aboriginal techniques such as dotting. She loves bright, vibrant colours and intricate detail, which…

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Meet Carmen Pinart

Carmen Pinart, was born in Barcelona, December 1957. After one year of training at the academy Puerta del Angel, she entered the Facultad de Bellas Artes San Jorge, in Barcelona, obtaining the title of professor of drawing, graduating with a Fine Arts degree and a teaching degree in Drawing.

In 1981 Carmen founded the Academy of Art ‘Quatre pintors’ where she was a teacher for four years.

In 1984 she was awarded with the Painting Fellowship at the Spanish Fine Arts Academy in Rome, where she stayed until June 1985. At the same…

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Meet ‘NaBe’ Nadine Beisler

NaBe has been working with acrylic paint and experimenting with different styles of paintings for over 10 years. In May 2013 she decided to promote her art on a professional level.

Without any formal training, she dares to follow her ideas and inspirations, to hone her techniques and try to give her art more time and space in her life in order to share it with the world.

Art Reduced to Dots

Dot after dot. One after another. Tens, hundreds, thousands of dots become surfaces, lines, compositions of colour and forms. The technique…

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Meet Jayne Lloyd

Jayne Lloyd studied Photographic Art at the University of Westminster in London, and after graduating in 2005 went on to work mainly in picture libraries, while continuing her own personal practice.

After completing a project at the Geffrye Museum, London, where she also carried out a lot of their in-house photography, going freelance full-time in 2013, working commercially with businesses and cultural organisations.

Previous projects from Jayne include building, interior and object photography for museums, galleries and hotels;…

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