Meet Charity Janisse

Charity Janisse is an extremely versatile artist with a passion for diversity and creative self-expression. Although best known for her poetry, photography and inspirational writing Charity considers all of her art to be equal because regardless of the media she chooses – her work is a free-flowing form of emotional expression.


Her goal is to create artwork, write or take photographs each day and then present that work in a relatively raw form. She feels less editing and more passion gives her art a distinctive free-form quality.

Charity loves intense colour, bold form and fluid movement in her artwork. She enjoys travelling, exploring and looking for art in unexpected places and then photographing and presenting that art in such a way that the viewer is surprised by the beauty to be seen in the mundane.

Her favourite spaces to explore are urban areas, abandoned buildings, train stations and junk yards looking for rust, wire, concrete etc. any object with a unique design and surface that can be used as subject matter for her industrial abstract photography that she presents in a project called ‘Punk Rock Girl Art’.


Charity comes from a family of artists and has travelled much of her life to art shows, galleries and museums all over the country and world. A life spent viewing art has taught Charity to see art in all aspects of life and her love for sharing that artistic perception with others is what motivated her to begin her career in the arts.

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