Meet Chuck Taylor aka Embrace the Matrix

Chuck Taylor is a very creative person and having band practice once a week just isn’t enough for him. He has always tried to be as diverse as possible with his creativity and has done so through his music for over 20 years and in his primary business for over 10 years.

Over the last five years he has collected many pieces of modern and pop art by famous artists and secretly always had a desire to create his own art but never did.

Until now…

Chuck can you tell us about the major motivational push that got you started in creating your own art?

Going back a year ago, I asked my wife to get me some art supplies for my birthday because I wanted to start painting and unfortunately, the supplies just sat collecting dust in my closet. I never had the motivation to start messing around with it at the time. I just figured that I would know when it would be the time for me to venture into painting. I am a true believer in that ‘timing is everything’.

Now, for the last 15 years I have dealt with major anxiety, depersonalization, derealization and depression issues. Most of you have either heard or experienced anxiety and depression issues but maybe not the DP and DR issues.

I won’t go into the specifics of the feelings DP and DR creates but I can tell you it is the scariest feelings and emotions I have ever felt. I have tried a plethora of treatments, starting with holistic and moving to medicinal over the years, some working and some not so much.

Sound Vision 12x12 2016

Fast forward to this year.

While I have been treating my mental issues with medicine and therapy for some time I had to recently stop my weekly therapy visits. It’s a story, unfortunately, being told a lot these days. My health insurance (which I pay for myself directly) doubled the cost of my therapy visits at the beginning of this year and since I would see my therapist once week it was going to get very expensive. I know I could cut back my visits but if I could’ve afforded it I would’ve gone to therapy twice a week. I felt it was that beneficial.

It was at this time I felt deep in my soul that it was time to start painting. I have read a lot of places that painting can be very spiritual and relaxing for the mind. Well, I needed that in a big way.

So where are you now with your art?

I have only been creating abstract art pieces for a shorter period of time but I feel I have truly fallen in the proverbial ‘rabbit hole’. Creating abstract art pieces works so wonderfully for me because it is just me, the paint and the canvas.

What will evolve through the process is my independent effort and creative mind pushing through my mental issues to release the pain I struggle with daily.

What happens when you get a idea for a new piece?

I tend to have an idea for a painting and begin with some direction but it can quickly and most assuredly go off the rails and the outcome is much different than originally expected, but amazingly beautiful nonetheless. I like my art to conceptualize itself that way, unpredictable.

I am looking forward to evolving into a more dynamic abstract artist through the times. I welcome all comments and questions about my pieces and I hope you see something that captures something in your soul.

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