Meet Judy Hintz Cox

Judy Hintz Cox is an abstract painter who uses painting as a medium to process and express what she’s reading, thinking or meditating about at the time.

Sometimes Judy will even jot down these thoughts directly onto her paintings! Judy is also a student of Buddhism and some of the text in her paintings as well as the titles of her work reflect Buddhist notions of suffering, compassion and impermanence.

By Lisa Salerno

Her work to me has an aesthetic that is also inspired by traditional Asian art in addition to Abstract Expressionism. Some of her expressive markings made with black charcoal resemble the fluid lines in Chinese calligraphy.


Hintz Cox takes a minimalist approach to color. She works in mostly black and white, adding only small touches of color. Judy also paints abstract landscapes.

These works portray the feelings one receives from being in a particular place instead of that environment’s actual physical appearance. Judy’s highest hopes in regards to her work are for others to enjoy looking at them. If someone reacts with emotion to one of her pieces, she has accomplished her objective.

According to Judy, ‘If someone…escapes life’s sufferings for a moment, I have been successful as an artist.’ Judy Hintz Cox lives and maintains a studio in North Carolina.

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