Meet Mark Perry

Mark Perry is a painter of abstract landscapes. His work teeters along the edge of landscape painting and total abstraction. Although Mark seems to favor the abstract, the landscape element gives his work a needed structure that ties it all together.

The playful brushstrokes and dabs of color are the kids at play at recess…The landscape elements are the teachers on playground duty giving instructions and keeping the children in line.

By Lisa Salerno

According to Mark, ‘My process is fluid by necessity to create space for my creative personae: the adult, the experimental inquisitive one, the child with a five second attention span. The challenge is to stay focused on the abstract when I suddenly start thinking figuratively. When there is conflict I find the best solution is to work through it, remaining open to an unexpected resolution.’

Also regarding process Mark writes, ‘Of my different approaches to constructing a painting one I repeatedly turn to is the concept of layers, what is in front, behind, or on top. These sequences can assist in piecing together an interesting composition. Making decisions and/or leaving things to chance is my delicate balance.’


When it comes to artistic influences, Mark Perry pulls his inspiration from the many movements in art history, however he always felt a particularly strong pull toward Impressionism. Mark writes in his artist bio: ‘In my 20s the Impressionists really spoke to me. The color and the freedom of the mark, and at the same time the skilled draftsmanship was a big influence. It freed me to see that painting did not have to be “perfect” to be good.’

Perhaps above all, Mark is a colorist. He has the refined sensitivity of a seasoned painter, and his application is well balanced. His palette of muted gem tones and pastels conjure up the feeling of spring in full bloom as well as summon the spirit of Post-Impressionist, Pierre Bonnard.

Mark Perry currently resides in New York City and East Hampton, NY. His paintings have since been showcased in solo and group exhibits and Art Fairs in New York, Houston, Providence and East Hampton; his work has been featured in national art and design magazines as well as in set designs for Off-Broadway productions and major motion pictures.

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