Meet tjCervantes

Terry Cervantes is a California based artist who combines her skills as a production potter with her talent as a visual 2D artist.

By Lisa Salerno

She pulls her inspiration from Surrealism, Asian and Native American cultures, and all things found in nature to create beautiful and whimsical works that are both decorative and functional.

Her work stands out as unique, in part, due to her trademark ‘Moon Pottery’ which consists of hand painted moon-like faces on mostly white bowls, plates, mugs, and jars. Each piece has its own distinct personality: There are ‘Lady Moons’, ‘Men on the Moon’, ‘Mister Moons’, and glamorous ‘Kissing Moons’ with bright red lips.

Gramma Moon (Moon Bowl

I like how each piece stands out on its own, but when several of these pieces are placed together on a surface, they seem to interact with one another. They would definitely create a lively atmosphere at any dinner party. The only thing that I could imagine to be more whimsical would be a tea party, Alice and Wonderland-style.

I chose the ‘Gramma Moon’ to feature because I find her oddly comforting. I think everyone deserves a grandmother figure to sit with and remind you that everything’s going to be okay. One thing for certain with Terry’s Moon Pottery, is that you will never have to eat alone again.

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