Introducing Dylan Galvin

In 1984, musician Dylan Galvin’s father performed in rock band The Bleeding Hearts, who were so successful that Stevie Nicks wanted to buy one of their songs. Then arrived Dylan, and all of his father’s plans changed.

Due to the difficulties of playing the role of rockstar and dad simultaneously, Mr. Galvin became a family man and acquired a serious career.

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Dylan remembers dancing in a bathrobe to Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles and Bob Dylan and jumping up and down on his father’s bed while he played his acoustic guitar, an early catalyst that would lead him to learn guitar as well years later in high school.

Today, Dylan is a full-time musician with a music degree living the dream.


“I want people to fall in love with the story of the song, and I always stress the importance of good lyrics! I want people to be changed and uplifted, rather than just sing along to the same trite themes we’ve been singing for the last decade. I also will be consistently campaigning and donating proceeds to charities and causes throughout my career. Bullying, depression, insomnia and anxiety are some things I’ve dealt with personally, so I will be using my sales to help people dealing with these, as well as victims of natural disasters, terrorism and the random misfortunes of life.” – Dylan Galvin

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Credits: Feature edited by Rochelle Dulaney

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