Introducing Haunted by Destiny

The only thing bigger than the ambitions and the commitment of this band is the music. Haunted by Destiny delivers between the lines and offers a sound scheme that is new, different and huge.


Following the success of the EP “Aria,” Haunted by Destiny desires to reach out and grasp the world. HbD was formed in Norrkoping, Sweden – where drummer Christian Gardefuhr and guitarist Johan Söderhielm decided that it was time to make reality of their creations.

Evelina Eliasson was found on the musical stage, and immediately brought the music to new levels with her energy, attitude and pop style. At this point began the recording of demos and the writing of new songs. Soon, bassist Marcus K Johansson and the young and talented guitarist Simon Weston joined the band as well.

Through producer Peter ”PP” Samuelsson and PPP Recordings, the band produced their first EP “Aria,” containing “Freakshow,” “Secret Delight,” “Follow,” and “Healthy Girl” and released on November 25, 2013.

After the success of this EP, Haunted by Destiny decided to continue down this fortunate road; however, they wanted to deliver the music to live audiences, and the band started performing shows at every possible venue.

With energy, good will, lectures taken and the ambitions grown with time, the band became a name you could count on. And now it’s time for the world to find out why. The band is a collision between In Flames and Lady Gaga.

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Credits: Feature edited by Rochelle Dulaney

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