Introducing Rene Rose

Rene Rose was born and raised in San Francisco, California as Jillian Rene Wilson. Throughout Rene’s childhood, her mother always played Smokey Robinson on the TV and Stevie Wonder on her radio.


At age four, she witnessed, for the first time, her father’s younger sisters singing in the church–her very first experience hearing the beauty of music.

When Rene was sixteen, a cousin introduced her to R&B singer Keith Martin, who helped her create her first demo tape. By the age of eighteen, she had begun recording at Laidblack Studios in San Francisco with a San Francisco rap group known as SaMoEndz. She has continued collaborating with artists in the Bay Area until the present.


Rene Rose has remained an underground sensation reviewed as talented, strong, independent, sweet and soulful. Her true fans have personally asked her not to stop creating music. They are the motivation for her to continue sending her message to the next generation.

From MySpace, to Facebook, to Instagram, she has realized that a social website is no longer needed for her to send her message.

Today, she works with producer 24 Lifetimez and his colleague, Jovan Benson. You can find Rene creating projects at the 24 Lifetimez studio on a weekly basis.

Her next project will be released in France in September 2016 by Diggy Down Recordz.

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