Introducing Savanna Leigh Bassett

With song placements on four Nashville albums, talented songwriter Savanna Leigh Bassett is crafting with industry professionals and entertaining crowds with her original country-pop sensibility and passionate performances.


Her voice conveys beauty and her lyrics shine with wit, while her musical creativity pours from one of the many stringed instruments with which she accompanies herself.

Some artists choose to leave these gifts on the stage; however, Savanna has chosen not only to entertain the masses, but also to give to those in need. She believes strongly in her work with Body and Soul, a non-profit organization using music and arts in hospitals to bring healing to patients with ailments such as cancer, heart disease, mental illness, and renal failure.


Savanna will be releasing her first single at the end of summer 2016, having worked with country music superstar producer Joe West to create an edgier sound than her previous projects. The single will be promoted across all her social media platforms, so keep an eye out!

Driven by integrity, musical ambition, and a deep sense of community, her empowering message of love and self-worth is inspirational, and her energetic personality will pull you in and leave you wanting more.


In a sea of stars, Savanna Leigh Bassett is one to watch shooting through the sky.

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Credits: Photography by Erin Thompson | Feature edited by Rochelle Dulaney

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