Meet Luis Colan

Luis Colan is NYC painter whose primary subject is landscapes. One of his most recent paintings ‘Lullwater Bridge’ is a familiar scene to anyone who has visited Prospect Park in Brooklyn, a place he was hoping to paint for sometime.

By Lisa Salerno

According to Luis, ‘The park was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, the mastermind behind Central Park. Many years ago I read somewhere that this was Olmstead’s favorite park he had designed, and I can see why. There is something more organic about Prospect Park, which in the end yields more surprises as you explore it’.

Luis views his landscape painting as a way of exploring and celebrating life. Working from direct observation in the field allows him to think quickly and to respond to light and weather changes as they occur during each painting session.

The limited time Luis has while working in plein air forces him to focus and to connect emotionally to his surroundings, and allows him to see and record colors and moods as they occur.

Lullwater Bridge

‘With this kind of work I am following another long tradition, one that began centuries ago when British and French painters took to the fields to capture the world. There is something humble about exposing yourself to the elements while trying to create something beautiful and honest. By charging a brush with color and placing it in relation to other brush strokes, I’m trying to achieve humility, serenity, and light.’

When not painting outdoors, you can find Luis at a local NYC museum studying the works of master painters, making monotypes at the Salmagundi Club, or cooking up a delicious meal. For Luis, food always played an important role his family life; and before moving onto landscapes Luis was primarily a still life painter.

His meticulously painted hyper-realistic depictions of food, such as onions on cutting boards or tomatoes and lemons about be sliced, was his way of connecting with his home life and family culture after moving further away from them to New York City.

I encourage you to explore more of Luis’s work in the following links. You will be amazed at the attention to detail and level of care that he pours into each piece:

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