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quando aprono le borse ‘If you believe in the beauty of life that exist with love and harmony. Truly, you’re a great artist.’

source link follow Nikki Pue, is 28 years old and from the Philippines. Growing up living from a simple and modest family. Nikki is a Visual Artist and finished a degree in Nursing and working as Medical Staff in an International School in Philippines.

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opzioni digitali borsa italiana Her passion in the field of Art, started when she was young, being fascinated with colors and textures, so her parents brought her all sorts of coloring materials and papers. Then she started attending art workshops in the locale and joined an art club in Colegio de San Jose.

mujeres cristianas solteras argentina As a Visual Artist Nikki tried to give focus on her paintings on the abstract side. She keeps practising every day, painting on the canvass in her flexible time. Her source of inspiration for her paintings is her family and loved ones. Perlas ng Dalagang Filipina

time frame opzioni binarie Now, Nikki has joined in the International Competitions such as “The 2nd International Arts and Design Competition 2016” of Accademia Riaci in Florence, Italy and rank 3rd place in Illustration for Category 1, she is the first Filipino who has won in this competition. 2016 Neils Bugge Cartoon Award in Viborg, Denmark. The 1st International Contest Animal Cartoon in Belgrade, Serbia. The 5th City Complexities International Cartoon Contest in Tehran, Iran. Libo International Children Animation and Comics Festival 2016 (ICACF) in Libo, Guizhou Province, Beijing, China. Embracing the Differences Artwork Competition in Florida, USA.

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