Pop with a twist! Meet Singer-Songwriter, Janine Berenson

Guaranteed to make you want to get out of your seat and dance the night away, energetic New York pop artist go to site Janine Berenson describes her music as “pop, with a twist.”

With her first single, ‘Strong,’ topping the Billboard Hot dance/club charts at #33 and DJ Times Magazine at #6, one cannot deny that Berenson’s raw talent and vast appreciation for all forms of music set the stage for an extremely promising career.


Despite her busy schedule, she honoured us by sitting down to talk more about herself and what we can expect from her in the future.

By Brandon Schiafone | Edited by Rochelle Dulaney

http://totaltechav.com/merdokit/1141 What motivated you to work towards a career in the music industry?

To me, music can change everything. The effect it has on people is amazing, and the idea that I can be a part of that is a real honor. I write all of my own music and lyrics, because I think that I have a way of seeing the world that I’d like to share.

I always say there are two ways to look at every scenario and we have a choice; I always try to pick the positive one! It’s easy to get caught up in the negativity, and if I can bring a different positive perspective to your life, I’d really like to do that!

I’ve always been performing. Whether in my living room, in high school theatre, or on stage in New York City. I feel my most comfortable when I’m in front of a crowd! After singing every kind of musical style, I’ve always felt Pop was the most ME! It’s fun with the ability to send a real message.

The stage is a place where everything is allowed. You have to come to one of my shows because you will have the best time! Other than listening to great music (If I do say so myself), I always want you to be dancing and feeling great. And don’t worry; I’ll be dancing with you!

The music industry is a place where you can express yourself in so many ways and reach so many people. I’m honored to be a part of it!

see Who have been your biggest musical influences as you’ve forged your image and sound as an artist?

I like to listen to everything and everyone. I grew up in a house of fifteen people, and everyone had different musical taste. My mom is Cuban, and when I was fourteen, we went to a Gloria Estefan concert; it changed my life. Not only was her music live, loud and expressive, but it was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen.

I also grew up listening to Jefferson Airplane, who are some of the pioneers of rock and roll. They made me really appreciate the art of live music and the sound of a live band. But nothing really molded me like Madonna or Michael Jackson.

They encompass a really rare form of this industry and what hard work, talent, and drive really looks like.

key option trading You describe your music as “pop with a twist;” can you elaborate on what you mean by that?

Pop with a twist is the extra dash of fun in your drink! My music isn’t just Pop: It incorporates a bunch of other genres that are exciting and new.

As I’ve been influenced by so many different types of music and artists, I love throwing in sounds and energies from anywhere I can. Not to mention that when you’re with me, you’ll always have a great time and then some! That’s the twist!

http://90daygreatbody.com/?kuid=trading-option-navigator&8ea=4a It is said that your vibrant family life contributes to your incorporation of a wide variety of musical aspects in your writing and your appreciation of music in all forms; tell us a little bit more about that.

Well, growing up with so many people in my house definitely made for a vibrant and LOUD upbringing. It wasn’t a novelty for the kids to put on a performance on Friday nights or for us to break out into song and dance.

I was surrounded by theatre and an appreciation of not only music, but musical theory, live instruments and performance. Not to mention with my Cuban roots we would salsa dance and form conga lines to go to sleep.

I’ve learned such important lessons from having my family constantly surround me. I always felt very loved and we tried to express it to each other. This really reflects in the lyrics I write.

I would love to let everyone know there is someone there who can give them strength and love like my family did for me.

http://www.catmant.it/?vioksw=www-trleaders-com-opzione-binarie&5dd=43 As a regular performer in clubs around New York City, do you have a favourite spot where you just love to play?

New York clubs are the best clubs in the world. They are always full of people who love music and are ready to have a great time. I’ve played a lot of clubs, but I think my favorites are The Bitter End and Arlene’s Grocery.

The Bitter End is a legendary spot for musicians to play and it feels like that. The energy there is so great, and you can feel the history when you are on that stage. And Arlene’s Grocery is just a really fun rock and roll venue. The set-up is great and the crowd is always ready for a live show.

Janine 7

follow site What is one aspect of your performance that you feel sets you apart from other pop artists?

I’ve always had a LOT of energy. I remember growing up that my aunts and uncles would have to take turns spending time with me so they could take a break!

In my performance, I am non-stop, and it’s all very positive and fun. Also, I grew up as a professional dancer in Miami, so I like to incorporate that into my show as well. If I am dancing, I hope you are too!

online geld verdienen binären optionen seriös ab 1 euro You are currently planning your first tour; can you give us an idea of where you’re looking to bring your talents?

Planning my first tour has been so exciting and challenging. I’m really just looking to play for people who care about the music and are open to new experiences!

Anywhere I go I leave my heart on the stage, so I’d like to play for people who are ready to leave theirs out there too!

bdswisscom Is there a particular location on this tour where you’re most excited to perform?

I love playing in new places and for new people, so I’m just excited to do that. The space is always great and very important, but the people are what make a show great. So I’m looking forward to the audiences the most.

source url Along with the tour, you’re also planning the release of your debut EP. What concept will your first record focus on?

The first single off of my new EP is called “Make Love.” It’s just about spreading love in the world and choosing a positive road. It’s about being honest, forgiving yourself and joining with the person next to you to look for the good in the world.

I think it’s also a really good representation of who I am. It has high energy, honest lyrics, and uplifting music. It’s pretty much me in musical form!

calculation for dating age range Tell us about your writing process and what traits a song needs to have before you decide it’s ready to be recorded.

I always try to say something honest in a different way. I also try to be as visual as possible, because it adds another layer if you can visualize as well as hear something. I love when lyrics are intelligent and interesting. It’s about showing a different perspective.

Sometimes you really don’t want to say something, because it’s too vulnerable or personal. That’s exactly when you know you have to put it in the song. Lyrics are a form of release, and sometimes you just have to let it out.

In my song “My First Star,” it was really hard to write the lyrics, “Everyone could see you were so in love with me, I was in love with you.” It just felt so personal and so true.

Not to mention it is something in the past that I’d really like to stay in the past. But it is the truth. And if I feel something, I’m pretty sure other people are feeling it too. That’s when you know you are ready to record.

http://georgetowncustomhomes.com/?loiswe=Part-time-nursing-jobs-nashville&861=ee If you could name one person with whom you hope to collaborate as you speed ahead on your musical journey, who would it be?

So many people! I love collaborating with other artists and writers. But if I had to choose, I’d love to work with Ryan Tedder. He can write ANYTHING and has such a great ear.

Another one is Pharrell, because he is so musically talented but also can really work with the other fields of the music industry. I think I can really learn from him.

Aside from the tour and debut EP, do you have any more future plans that we should keep an eye out for?

I always have different projects going on. I like to work in the dance and musical theatre world as well, so I am constantly auditioning and working with new people.

There is also new music and new projects on the horizon so I will let you know as soon as they become public!

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