Introducing Jess Weimer

Jess Weimer is a singer, songwriter, violinist, guitarist, part-time rapper, and traveler of the yellow brick road. She departed from her hometown of Wichita, Kansas to pursue her dreams in the wonderful city of Los Angeles.

Jess Album Cover

Her background ranges from a bluegrass-fiddle band, to musical theater, to chamber orchestra, to singing in the shower and/or studio. Jess released her first music video in February 2016, and the release of her first EP is set for the end of the summer.

Jess’s inspirations vary from Ella Fitzgerald and Amy Winehouse to Lorde and Ingrid Michaelson.

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When she’s not making music, you can find her learning a new language, advocating for positivity and social justice, or following along with an aerobics workout video from the ’80’s. If you see a fiddler on the roof, it might be her.

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