Meet Hava Gurevich

Hava Gurevich is a painter whose work explores the wonders of nature. Moving far beyond simple illustrations that one would encounter in a Biology 101 textbook, Hava’s work awakens the viewer to the intricate beauty and design of all living things.

By Lisa Salerno

Hava’s creations are offerings of beauty with a touch of the mysterious and grotesque. Each painting is a playground of gorgeous color, depth, and spirit. Along with these elements of beauty, things like tiny creatures, insects, and slimy textures are also thrown into Hava’s nature stew, yet everything she adds gives it a balanced flavor in the end. The element of repetition in Hava’s work is also quite appealing. The patterns that unfold tend to echo those that exist in the natural world. Of these repetitive patterns, Hava states:

The inspiration for my paintings comes from observing details in nature; shapes of tree branches, color of sunlight, patterns in ice and reflections in a pond, networks of twisted vines and delicate spring blooms. These human‐scale patterns imprinted in the environment repeat themselves both on a microscopic and macroscopic scale, from one life form to another, transcending the physical reality we perceive to the very concepts of life itself such as growth, decay, regeneration, fission and symbiosis.’

Apis Mosaic_HavaG

When it comes to process, Hava states that she often starts with photographs or sketches that ‘inspire a vocabulary of shapes and gestures which echo these patterns and retain their organic quality.’ From that, she ‘blends imagery from the real world and her imagination’ and explores ‘the perception and interpretation of the infinitely large and infinitely small patterns that make up reality.’

Sometimes she pushes these elements further into representation and sometimes her paintings can be seen as more abstract. The end result is what she refers to as ‘organic fiction’. Perhaps this is a place where nature, imagination, and the human spirit exist as one.

More than anything, Hava’s work speaks for itself without the need for much interpretation. It simply needs to be seen and experienced. Nature is cool, and Hava’s art is a beautiful reminder of that fact. I encourage you to check out the links below and enjoy. There is so much to see!

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