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click get link Jeffrey Luque is a self-taught artist based in the CoRK Arts District in Jacksonville, FL. His most recent series in progress consists of several large-scale portraits of women, each whose head has been adorned with an abundant wreath of flowers.'A=0 By Lisa Salerno

كيÙ تØÂصل على المال على الإنترنت There are so many interpretations that can be attributed to the wreaths. Flower crowns are steeped in tradition and meaning all the way back to ancient Greece, yet his subjects, shown from the shoulders up, are clearly dressed in modern attire.

source One can say that Luque’s portraits are a tribute to classic feminine beauty, which never goes out of style. JeffreyLuqueDetail In an era filled with images of idealized and sexualized women and Instagram feeds filled with thousands of Kim Kardashian-like behinds, I find it refreshing to see an artist depict female beauty in a such a natural way. The looks on each of the women’s faces are also interesting to note, as they are quite relaxed and candid in their expressions.

follow link The subjects do not directly interact with the viewer through eye contact. It is not a mutual interaction, but a one-way admiration. Perhaps the lack of reciprocaiton leaves the viewer free to comfortably appreciate the subtle details, such as curves of their faces and the way the light hits their skin… in a way that doesn’t feel too intimate or intimidating.

follow link Luque’s technique consists of many small distinct dots of color and pays homage to Pointillism. Other sections are made of vibrantly colored lines and other markings. Many of these close up detail photos taken by Luque and posted to his social media pages would make lovely abstract paintings on their own! Here is just one image that captures the lovely and meticulous detail in his work:

dating after being a young widow JeffreyLuquegirlswithflowers

rencontre 11 quillan Due to the technique and size Jeffrey has chosen, each measuring 58×72”, this series has been a huge undertaking. Luque’s objective is to have finished twelve paintings in total, and he aims to have the series completed by the fall.

More updates on Luque’s Girls with Flowers and other works can be found through the following links:

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