Meet Justin Neher

Justin Neher is an abstract artist from Indianapolis, IN. After a motorcycle accident in 2013 left him disabled and in pain, he found abstract art as a way to heal his self, body, mind, and soul.


Painting pulled Jusin from a depression that had gripped him for nearly three years, ‘It truly was art therapy’ he says.

As a fan of astronomy he drew a lot of inspiration from the cosmos. He tries to reflect that inspiration in his art as much as possible. Justin is always coming up with new ways to reflect his thoughts and feelings on to canvas. ‘I enjoy seeing the expression on others faces when they see my art for the first time, to elicit an emotional response, even if it isn’t the same emotion I had intended to portray when I was creating it.’

His art is his story, his journey through life. His art has opened doors he never thought possible, and now Justin wants to share his art with the world. Telling is story to anyone who would stop and look.

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  1. Roberta Schriy

    Love this! His passion translates well on canvas! Hope to see more of this artist in the future.


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