Well… what is theMuppetPuppet?

theMuppetPuppet is a corporation in the original sense of the word, it is a cooperation between artists: it’s a little side project we were running concerned with taking the ‘I’ out of the process of Art production….. it’s a concept designed to negate the growing trend of celebrity as it feeds into a destructive feedback loop to create the cult of the individual.


If you happen to see a piece of art by theMuppetPuppet and decide that you want to use that image, copy it, paste it then print it and paint over it, or even to just stick up on your wall, Go ahead !! Feel Free, we are only too happy to be part of that conversation, as everything that has ever been created in this world was created like this.


We are born, we see and we reproduce what we have seen, you are not a genius !! you are a normal person; you see a hoover – then you see a new type of electric motor thingy – you put two and two together and you get a Dyson™ that’s how things are made, but we feel that this recent [and kids, it is recent] fad of enclosing all our ideas within secured walled gardens, protected by intellectual property rights is nothing but a drag on our human development and has no place in industry or design, let alone the arts.

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