Introducing Bryn Pratt-Boyden

Bryn Pratt-Boyden, 25, is a fashion designer preparing to start his own label. ‘Since moving to London, I have realized how hard it is to stay creative… to keep making things while earning money to pay the bills,’ Bryn says.

He began a part-time MA at Kingston University and moved onto a small boat on the Thames. There are advantages to living on the water: The creative community around the river and the relaxing getaway from London is perfect for study and work.


Bryn’s designs draw on diverse influences, as his inspirations are quite fluid, researching numerous topics for one collection. Bryn explains, ‘It may seem a bit random, but there is a theme tying it all together.’

His collection for Kingston’s final degree show was about London. Titled ‘Siren,’ it likened the city to the beautiful creatures of Greek mythology, calling people from all over the world to its shores to crush their dreams on the sharp rocks of crazy accommodation prices and low-paying jobs.

‘England is losing the taste for rebellion and needs an injection of Punk—especially in the fashion industry, where so much work is safe and sterile,’ says Bryn.


The collection involved many DIY techniques, from tanning fish-skin leather, to indigo dyeing, knitting, patching and hand-stitching.

‘I wanted to fuse Punk with DIY to emphasise the extortionate cost of fashion… there is a huge DIY movement in art and design at the moment, because people don’t have the money to spend on their art,’ explains Bryn.

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Credits: Vesna Pesic (hat collaborator) | Photography by Ezzidin Alwan

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