Introducing Cristina Lizzul

here go to link Cristina Lizzul was born in San Diego, California to a native Italian mother and a retired Marine Vet father. Her family moved to Naples, Italy, where she was raised. chris

aldactone köpa Cristina has a large, close-knit Italian family, so family values are very important to her. Since the age of eight, she has been singing, and at ten years old she decided she wanted to be an actress. By age eleven, she had acted in her first feature film, but it wasn’t until seventeen when she starred as the lead in the film Righteousness. However, her big breakout role was when she appeared in the film Subject 0 Shattered Memories. This was the role that made her into a household name in Europe. Cristina eventually made her big move back to America for her role in the feature film Lemonheads, which is set to be released later this year. From then on, she officially stayed in California to pursue her music and acting career. Since her return to sunny California, she has already booked a supporting role in the future Francis Ford Coppola live cinema project called Distant Vision.

677a571ed9a87e42c96ece47e6ba6dc8 While staying busy on her acting career, she has been simultaneously working on her first EP project, titled go to site “The Percipience,” which has dropped in the end end of June. The EP will feature a mixture of personal love, wisdom, heartbreak, and giving women confidence. Many are comparing her “Chill Wave” sound to that of SZA and Jhene Aiko.

go to link 14102015-FN9A6822 Other than singing and acting, Cristina’s other passions include giving women and female teens body confidence. Growing up, she had a hard time loving her curves and her figure.

From dealing with bulimia, she has now learned to cope and accept her body, an ideal she wishes to instill in others. She is also an advocate for animal rights, homelessness and eating disorders.

‘Percipience’ is available on iTunes now!

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