Introducing Mr.J

Mr.J, born David Lee Johnson to Christian Parents in Detroit, MI always had a passion for Hip-Hop since first hearing Craig Mack’s ‘Flavor in Your Ear’ in 1994.

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He began writing poems that turn into raps. Living The Straight Edge lifestyle (Not smoking, drinking, or doing drugs) A life he is proud of living.

Over the years of crafting his skills this lead to him performing at local Detroit open mics. In 2007 He Made his own record label Called D-Riot Records and released his first 2 part EP called ‘So Close But Yet So Far Away’.

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Not Being taken serious as an artist he reworked his style and released his first mixtape titled ‘From The Studio Vol. 1’ in 2010.

Now he has a follow up called ‘Vol. 2: The Mixture’ in 2011. Follow Up By D-Riot Promo CD in 2012. In 2014 he released his newest addition to his From The Studio Mixtape and D-RIOT Promo series called Volume 3:Sleep Is Forbidden & D-RIOT Promo 2:D-RIOT Invasion.

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