Meet Jake Nordstrum

Jake Nordstrum is an emerging artist based in Wisconsin. His works are part of private collections across the U.S and Europe. He went to the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and received a bachelors of arts where he studied painting and drawing, and graduated in 2007.

Bird Flu

Due to numerous factors (starting a family being one of them) he did not pursue art after graduation. Art was something that was put on hold until the late winter of 2016. Since then he has created over 50 original artworks, and takes to heart a quote by Chuck Close; “Inspiration is for amateurs…the rest of us just show up and get to work.”

The Resurection of Lazarus

Jake focuses mostly in abstraction and is heavily influenced by Picasso and Pollock. Many of the titles are themes or references from the bible. The juxtaposition of biblical references (which are often viewed as very “black and white”) and abstract expressionism, (which is generally open to interpretation) is something he very much enjoys and will continue to explore.

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