Introducing Banana High

Encompassed by an inspirational fusion of reggae, soft rock, punk and pop, Banana High successfully pay tribute to the most influential genres of their era.


With almost a decade of collective writing, Banana High features two male vocalists, demonstrating flawless synchronised harmonies that beautifully bounce across the numerous platforms of the band’s authentic performance.

With technically absorbing drum patterns leading their creative structures, Banana High openly weave between genres, producing a new, yet distinctive sound.

In a unifying juxtaposition, punk-infused reggae bass grooves interweave with metal inspired lead guitar licks, highlighting the band’s unique and innovative talent.

The five-piece collective, Sanchez (Vocals,Guitar), Run (Vocals,Guitar), Sketch (Lead Guitar), Captain (Bass), and Barefoot (Drums), are currently working on their second EP.

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