Introducing Courant

Courant is a clothing label project with a subcultural approach. Designed and manufactured wherever possible in London, their style takes inspiration from vintage fabrics, musical decades, pop art and all underground creative scenes.


Being “open to these things” is a state of mind for them. They believe that anyone could be part of this wide open approach to the world where inspirations, tastes, and interests bring today’s great crowd and fascinating individuals.


Courant’s working process is to take artwork and then put it together in patterns to develop their signature look. This leads to endless combinations and sophisticated appearances.

All of these are designed in London, and manufacturers are sourced as closely as possible because of the strong heritage of British-made quality, as well as to support the local industry.


Their first collection brings a range of classics. The iconic heart-shaped sunglasses maintain the minimal style of the collection, letting its dog branding do the talking whilst the Courant “Type Z Denim jacket” with all printed lining turns up the volume with a striking and unique contemporary design.

Courant will follow up with more Activities t-shirts from Ben Montero artwork and some additional new style extravaganzas over the summer.


Courant is not just a clothing label project, though. They aim to create a collaborative platform where people can share passions and interests for lifestyle. They want others to reach out and share their experiences too.

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