Introducing Sophie Kempner

Introducing Sophie Kempner, a British fashion designer based in New York launching luxury streetwear label “SoSophie.”


SoSophie is about identity and visual expression. Born in London, Sophie moved to New York in 2012 to pursue her ultimate dream of opening her own label. She studied fashion design at school in North of England and after went on to do internships in London and Los Angeles before landing in New York.


Growing up on a small rural farm North West of London, Sophie has always been inspired by her surroundings, and moving to New York triggered the inspiration for her new collection “So New York.”


The cool and edgy collection features t-shirts and accessories with bold graphic logos such as “So NewYork” and “So Bklyn.”

The images taken by her self of carefully selected models in different New York settings capture real New York people, in real New York locations, which ultimately is what the brand is about. All of the clothing is made and printed locally in New York.


Sophie just showed her latest Spring 17 collection at the prestigious New York Fashion Week last month, made up of bright and bold multi color graphic prints of manipulated photos taken by herself, and the collection so far has had an excellent reception.


Particularly capturing the youth culture audience, SoSophie is the brand not of today, but of tomorrow.

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