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Al Gord is a self-taught emerging artist who has experimented with a variety of media. As his work evolved, however, Al began using acrylics as his chosen medium. His rock artist portraiture work pays tribute to various music icons, with titles inspired by song names or lyrics.

By Lisa Salerno

With this series of paintings, Al hopes to challenge the viewer to dig past an image of a famous face and into a deeper understanding of each artist represented. Al hopes that his work ‘promotes conversation, as people search to make their own meaning while at the same time forming a connection with each piece’.


Using varying colors and techniques, Al creates a distinct and fragmented background. He works to create a sense of balance and harmony, as his dynamic compositions draw the viewer into a focal point, but do not allow the eyes to get stuck in one place. The lines in the background create a sense of movement and rhythm, and perhaps even visual depictions of sound.

For the main subject of each piece, Al uses a lot of black to depict the outlines and shadows in each portrait, which gives his work an almost street art stencil effect, but it is not overdone. Al explains that the colors in the works are “carefully chosen to help elicit certain feelings and emotions; to let the viewer create their own narrative”. Al works to create a sense of balance and harmony, and his use of a limited color palette also helps him to achieve this balance.


Al’s other projects focus on topics of intimacy and supporting mental health awareness. Through his work, Al hopes to ‘immerse people in and promote the importance of art’. He understands ‘the significance of introducing people to the art world, so that the contributions of the past are recognized and maintained’.

Al also believes in ‘the importance of connecting with people newer to the art world”, as he strives to create and represents works that are “synonymous with the world we live in today’.

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