Meet Lindsay Elise Jolly

Lindsay Elise Jolly is a sculptor with a fascination in the way that materials react; whether it be the interaction to the artist’s hand, another material, or with the viewer. Experience and process are key to Jolly’s practice as she explores the unknown and unpredictable.


Embracing chance and the perceived notion of failure she explores her subjects with an intuitive approach, learning from the material as she works. Jolly is deeply intrigued by psychology and the ways in which people approach and understand the world around them; and most importantly of all the ways in which people overcome challenges in their lives and transcend their situations, growing in both character and competence.

Due to the way in which she approaches her work Jolly uses a vast range of different mediums, working mostly in sculpture or viewer participation events, she is often drawn to textured qualities that will provide a sensory experience for their audience.


Jolly see’s everything as a potential art material and is constantly on the look out for things that evoke curiosity, believing that intrigue is an essential quality for art.

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