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Born in 1995, the young American talent Tanner Jackson Rhines aged barely twenty years, is a visual artist emerges, and holds great artistic promise of tomorrow. His style, which he called ‘Condention’ is defined as a psychological maze that celebrates life characters from his imagination in the space they occupy.


Influenced and inhabited by the culture of his generation, the complexity of spirituality and the polarities of the world, Tanner Jackson Rhines who draws inspiration for his creations comics and cartoons, outlines the vision of his art in these terms: “creativity has endless possibilities!

Tanner says: ‘I create pieces of art to express visually and share my moods and thoughts inspired by my experiences and special events that I have experienced and that marked me. to me, Furthermore imagination and wonder it arouses, eclectic art fills the outlet to function for the public, and meditative journey on our place in the world and the objectives we pursue.

‘I hope the viewer who will look my creations, will be able to recognise this visual life that I create, through the representation of my characters, or thinking about the fraternal unity of humanity, this link brings us together and connects us to each other, and I’m trying to represent through my works. During the creative process, it is important and essential for me to focus on cohesion, harmony and homogeneity of the whole, adequate representation of the subject in its entirety and transmitting the underlying idea, to transmit a bit of myself that animates each piece of art I created.’


In 2015, Tanner Jackson Rhines was one of eight students of secondary education to be selected – from more than 350 000 applications – to receive the gold medal of the prestigious American prize Scholastic Art and Writing’s, which rewards since 1923 the US youth artistic, literary and cinematic talents of exceptional talent, and place it on an equal footing with the winners previous excellence, which are none other than some Andy Warhol, Sylvia Plath, Cy Twombly, Steven King, and Robert Redford among others.

This victory allows young talent to participate in the tour Art.Write.Now and to represent his works all through the United States for two consecutive years. Following this huge success, Tanner Jackson Rhines is a finalist in the wake of a year later, in 2016, when the award of the International Prize for Emerging Artist (International Emerging Artist Award) organized in Dubai, and is the subject a representation CICCA Museum (Czong Institute for Contemporary Art) in South Korea, in addition to see some of his works exhibited at the Department of Education in Washington, and in the office of President of the Arts Commission and letters.


The style and unique work Rhines Tanner Jackson was acclaimed by professionals and connoisseurs of contemporary art, presenting him as a young artist with a level of talent and uncommon creativity among emerging artists. Shot with optimism towards a promising future, Tanner Jackson Rhines plans to soon incorporate an art school to further develop the outstanding potential of his artistic skills.

He is currently signed to Arty Color Gallery in Paris, France, while working on Modern Volume, a fashion start up.

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  1. Anna Marie

    Extraordinary young man…enjoyed this read and look forward to much, much, more! Congrats and blessings, Tanner!


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