Introducing Chase Emery Davis

Born in New York City, Chase Emery Davis is a tall, blue-eyed, twenty-year-old British-American classical crossover singer, songwriter, film composer, actor and poet.


Chase blends indie rock with soul and R&B into lush, emotive songs about love & hope. His soulful, haunting, and powerful baritone voice is a refreshing addition to the classical crossover world. Raised in Paris, he began acting at the age of 10 and trained with several top film coaches and the National Youth Theatre in London.

At 15 he moved to Dallam School, Cumbria, to study Drama primarily but unexpectedly found a growing passion for music leading to a degree in composition. He began voice lessons and became interested in musical theatre. The next step was composing and performing with Youth Music Theatre UK, as well as at Brunel University.


Chase is a member of BuskinLondon. He gave his first solo acoustic performance at The Red Gallery this summer. His second live show was at Freedom Cafe, November 1st, the day his 2nd single will be released.

“I can say with confident, genuine and welcome invigoration that Chase is everything you do not expect. His semi-baritone operatic depths could deceive you into thinking you are hearing a seasoned veteran vocalist the 40 something age mark, but this rare talent is barely pushing 21.” – Hughie Dixon, Uxbridge Gazette.

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