Introducing Greg Banks

Greg Banks, described as “The Saint of Soul,” has often been mentioned in the same sentence as Prince, Jimi Hendrix and Lenny Kravitz.


As flattering as this is, the New Orleans native understands the magnitude of this comparison and the importance of carrying forward such genius in music.

The fifth of nine children and raised by a single mother in some of the worst housing projects in Louisiana, Banks views his childhood as nothing less than a home and environment of love.


The absence of his father due to incarceration left Greg embracing the tough love of the streets, which helped to create his strength, tenacity and perseverance.

“Hurricane Katrina took away all my tangible possessions but left me with my purpose…in the midst of devastation I found my blessing” – Greg Banks

Fox 5 TV calls him “A True Original”
Deli Magazine refers to him as “NYC’s best emerging artist” hails him as “our next shining star, he electrifies the stage”

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Photo Credits: Raymond Haddad (black jacket with pearls) | Royal Clapp (close up with hat and mic) | Brittani Baham(hands crossed fur and jewelry) | Rodney Lee (performance black and white singing shot)

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