Introducing Megan Landry

Often compared to artists like Lana Del Rey and Regina Spektor, this young out-of-the-box musician from Canada is making an impression across the airwaves with her thoughtful and quirky pop.


There are obvious classic rock influences in Landry’s work. She has some unique qualities, like tracks that don’t quite follow traditional patterns and lyrics that cut deep on social injustice, global health and our unstable political climate.

Her first album, Stills, released in 2015, netted her two Indie Album of the Year recognitions. Just released as a prelude to her upcoming second album, “Questions [on the Cliff]” tackles political and environmental issues.

Music has always been a huge part of her life, smoothing out the rough edges created by the painful angst of high school. Unlike many who yearn for stardom, Landry is not chasing that dream. Uninterested in glitter, shades of lipstick and brand-name fashion, but preferring to shop at thrift stores, she doesn’t quite fit that popstar cutout.

Coming from a non-musical family, the piano, Landry’s instrument of choice, was an eerie, perfect fit for an odd four-year-old. She self-taught to age nine before finally getting the lessons she yearned for since being turned down at age seven by the community piano teacher, who didn’t feel Landry could “ever learn to play well.”

Megan Landry is someone on whom you need to keep a close eye over the coming year.

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