Introducing The Peppersplum

Marie and Sussie Fernandez are sisters from Mexico City. Since they were very young, they acquired the need to express the great musicality and talent they possess. Having composed their first songs as teenagers, they were influenced by The Beatles and U2.


They formed the Rock / Pop band The Peppersplum after being at various venues for beginners, and they recorded their first professional EP, “YEAH!”, Released in 2008. They sent their material to several countries and were nominated at the People’s Choice Awards in England.

Their second studio album titled IS IT LOVE?, released in 2010, was also nominated for international awards such as UFI awards of Spain, which are delivered to independent music scene, and the IMAS awards of Mexico.

They are again recording new material with which they are already drawing attention in other countries, such as Brazil, who called them “Rock Divas”, in Argentina “Rock Geniuses”, or in Holland “Rock Queens”.


This new stuff is focused on creating something that had not been done by the same composer, for a smooth and harmonious part of pop / dance, and moreover, the pace and rebellion of rock, of the same theme, showing that they can propose through their music as they are versatile, creative, and talented.

They are creating their own name and identity, without having to be matched or appointed as the Mexican copy of someone else.

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  1. Tommy

    What a great music, it’s feels so good finding new and fine sounds. It was so good to read this note.

  2. Dorita

    So nice to see this great duo, it’s so good the media finally see them and spread the word over their awesome music thanks NIJI Mag


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