Introducing Yang-Baby Boloman Der Kaiser

Hailing from Libreville district in Gabon, Yang-Baby Boloman Der Kaiser struggled in childhood but he never gave up & continued fighting.

A brilliant student in academics and an equally talented name on the soccer field, he also started penning poems from an early age and even was a part of a theater group from the age of ten.


He dreamt of having a great career in soccer but it was a serious car crash that destroyed his hopes of making in the football field. When everything seemed to fall apart, he sought refuge in Nightlife Style & soon came into touch with R&B singer Yannick.

With Yannick, Boloman performed at a number of stage shows, and after a huge success there, he contemplated giving a serious shot to the music scene – and thus started his foray as a professional songwriter & recording artist.


He won awards in Germany & went out on tours with famous American stars for shows in Switzerland, Dubai & France, before he founded his own recording company in 2014.

In May 2016, he then released his latest hip hop single “In My Zone,” which is making waves all over with its unique international style of music and amazing video, which has already pulled in a whopping 2 million views on YouTube.

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Credits: Written by Iris

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