Meet Adam Christopher Rudd

Adam Christopher Rudd is a self-taught artist and photographer, born December 26th, 1969 in San Francisco, California. Growing up in San Francisco’s eclectic, eccentric culture through the 70s cultivated her color-driven, often psychedelic artistic photographic eye.

Adam’s creative aesthetic is vivid technicolour, she is inspired by the vibrant, electric, absurd, surreal visual elements of city life and captivated by the rich colors she meets in the natural world.


Adam has been taking pictures since she was 10 years old and got her first camera. She has amassed nearly 75,000 photos over just the last few years. Her academic and professional background is concentrated in psychology and child development, including a focus on art therapy for abused children.

She also owned a small, home-based company and worked for fifteen years as a tie-dye artist, creating infinite rainbow spirals and many other fun designs, selling at street fairs and popular retail locations alike. Adam was part of the longtime Soft Touch Artist’s Collective gallery and shop on Haight Street.


Adam lived in San Francisco her entire life, till moving to the East Coast two years ago. Though she’s wistful for the shimmering fog, ocean-fresh air, and magical light of her hometown, she has been having a blast capturing the charms, colors, sunsets and history of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and surrounding States.

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