Meet Daniela Pasqualini

Daniela Pasqualini is an Italian Artist who lives and paints in Boston, MA. She creates contemporary abstract landscapes with rich colors and lots of texture. Her work depicts various bodies of water such as rivers and waterfalls that are full of color, movement, and light.

By Lisa Salerno

Because water can either be choppy or tranquil, rushing or slow, it can be regarded as a symbol of human energy and emotion. Here Daniela explains how she uses the act of painting waterscapes as her own personal outlet for expression:

‘There is nothing I find more relaxing than the holding of the brush and letting my mind guide me to create something unique to me and to the world. I utilize the mix of strong, vibrant colors in the abstract and this allows me to express many different and powerful emotions…(that are) meant to be not just seen but felt…My feelings and moods will guide the mix of colors… I have always been a very passionate person and my expression of art is no different. My art opens a window to me and each person who gets to view and share in my paintings get to see a piece of me.’


Daniela’s art is not only a mode of expression of but also a tool for personal development, and allow her to imagine new possibilities for herself. According to Daniela, “The constraints of life we experience force us to imagine, create, and push the boundaries of what we wish to experience in life as represented by art.

In art, crossing the boundaries between the practical and impractical is perhaps more simple, if you have the courage to recognize and overcome your own limitations.”

Daniela states that from an early age she had a passion and love for the creative arts, however her adventures in painting really began while spending six years living in Florence. During that time, Daniela was able to reflect about her priorities in life and how she wanted to move forward.

Daniela explains that it was the constant connection with the historical and cultural context of the city and its many historical sites and great artworks is what really triggered her artistic inclinations and passion for painting. Daniela works in a wide range of styles, however it is her abstracts which allow her to push her own boundaries in her artistic and personal life:

‘My desire to consistently push the boundaries of my creative spirit has led me to explore the abstract in my search for producing what I feel expresses my true nature as an artist.’

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