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KreaSteve is an artist from Switzerland. When he was a little boy, he really enjoyed painting and drawing. However, as he grew older, life drew him away from his love of art.


How did you shift from being a mechanic to artist?

For several years I worked as a mechanic. During this time, music became my constant and most important companion, so I decided to study music at WIAM in Winterthur, Switzerland. The stress of studying, performing with my Band eleven36 and working gradually became too much for me.

Accordingly I spent some time in therapy where I rediscovered my talent and love for art, especially through working with acrylics on canvas. Painting helped me a lot through this difficult time and I have noticed the calming effect that it has on me.


What materials do you prefer to work with?

I’m very pleased with what I have achieved with my art and as a result I continue to pursue my passion.
I often paint with acrylics on canvas but what may also be of interest to you is my artworks on china or mobile phone cases.

Are you going to be exhibiting any work?

I’m very proud to announce that my first exhibition of my paintings will be in ‘The Brick Lane Gallery‘ in London from 9th – 20th November 2016. I would be happy to see you there!

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