Introducing The Como Brothers

The Como Brothers are singer-songwriters from New York. They grew up with music surrounding them in their family and were encouraged to listen to a variety of music from an early age.


Initially inspired by The Beatles, Matt and Andrew began performing and recording their songs in 2012. Their style of urban pop and blues combined with the friendships they make with their fans have helped them to grow an avid fan base in places across the world.

Matt and Andrew’s hard work and talent have enabled them to perform and record music with some of their musical idols including drummers Steve Jordan & Aaron Sterling, bassist Sean Hurley and keyboardist Andy Burton.

The brothers have been playing shows as well as writing and recording music non-stop in their quest to become the best musicians they can be.

Matt and Andrew are now touring to promote their new album Jam Theory, with songs such as “Maybe I’m Just Feeling Lonely” and “Hazardous.”

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