Meet Fiona McAuliffe

Destiny made Fiona McAuliffe return to art as a mature student.  She has always been keen on art, won several awards and owns a small art collection.

She has a diverse oeuvre that covers painting, photography, printmaking, ceramics, design, drawing, silverpoint, sculpture, installation, performance, with an eclectic array of interests including activism, anatomy, colour, disability, diversity, ethnography, humour, feminism, heritage, history, political, psychogeography, hypergraphy, cartography, the mapping of the human condition, her paintings reflect her wondrous occurrences and are sometimes semi confessional narratives.


She is in a unique position to educate others and promote cultural awareness through her art having been fortunate to have travelled extensively, to have resided in Florence, Italy, worked in Algeria, represented companies abroad and from her life experiences.

Her charity work experience, enables her to reflect on the needs of society and the valuable work it does for the community, giving hope and dignifying suffering.


Some of Fiona’s achievements include being exhibited at Tate Modern, twice at V&A Museum, listed in Frieze 2014, her artwork filmed and featured on the BBC plus she completed an Artist Residency in Atina, Italy. Fiona was one of the first students to study the Art & Anatomy short course at The Ruskin School, Oxford University and she has worked as an Artist Assistant to Swiss Artist, John Armleder.

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