Meet Jeanne Conway

Jeanne Conway is an artist and illustrator who has been painting in watercolors and oils for 20 years with an emphasis on light, nature and the human personality.

By Lisa Salerno

In her illustration work, Jeanne makes use of a variety of media, including ink, watercolor, oils, gouache, pencil and digital. She is a member of the Society of Children Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and has been an art teacher with over 30 years’ experience with elementary and secondary schools.

Jeanne pulls her inspiration from the people and events around her. For example, her magical “Mermaids” were inspired by attending a Chinese Lantern Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden this summer. This colorful event, according to Jeanne has been “an irresistible muse” for her.


Sometimes a unique find like an old photograph will lead to inspiration for Jeanne’s next project. The illustration above was inspired by a colorized photograph of a Russian tribal leader in 1900. According to Jean, “The photograph was intriguing because the beautiful intricate coat was so delicate and this man is anything but delicate. His face looks like he has seen the rougher side of life. Having a sword at his side does make a person want to watch what they say around him.

The man’s one eye was damaged in some way either from birth or from injury – I was going to fix it in the illustration but decided to leave it in. Whatever happened to him? The Russian Revolution happened not long after his picture was taken”.

Jeanne has illustrated a number of books, many available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Pictured below, is one of her illustrations from the book, “A, B, See … The Beatles” by Jill Davis.

Jeanne’s illustrations also adorn the book, “Harold and the Legend of the Singing Turtles” by Kathleen J. Mackin, and also (available through Pearson Digital Library) “The Storm” by Dina Anastasio.

Some titles that Jeanne has both authored and illustrated include: “Clickity’s Clock” and “Serena’s Special Day”.

I invite you to check out her website and links below. She has a wide range of titles to explore as well as artwork that surely will brighten your day.

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