Meet Jessica Young

Jessica Young is a 25-year-old emerging artist based in the U.K. who creates striking pen and ink drawings. Her images are simply inspired by “looking at what can not be seen but only imagined”.

Although she is just embarking on her artistic career, it will be interesting to see where her work takes her. You also can learn more about Jessica’s work though the links below.

By Lisa Salerno

What is your medium and process?

I’m passionate about eye catching surrealism and abstract designs. Looking at what can not be seen but only imagined. Using black ink pens, I focus on techniques of shading and lots of detail.

What inspires your work?

From a young age, I’ve been influenced by many artists and musicians due to the passion of music from my family. Anything can inspire me from being out with my friends, listening to music, and being outdoors. I have been into drawing since a very young age, and I have developed my skills over the years…

Music is a big part of my every day events so I like to add… music based ideas into my work if I can. I am inspired by artists such as Dalí…I love his style, the abstract and Surrealism of the designs. I also like using various blues and greens in my work, [The color] breaks them down a bit, allowing them to all to look a bit different, but still have the same style and detail.

Describe your studio.

I work at home, I don’t have an exact studio, just wherever I am comfortable.

Do you have any painting “rituals”? How do you get yourself motivated to start working on a new project (any certain types of music, etc.)?

I don’t ever start with an idea of a new project, I put pen to paper and see what happens, I usually start with drawing lines or shapes, which then gives me ideas to what I could turn it into. I am very into my music. I listen to artists such as- DJ Koze, Massive Attack and James Holden, having music on while I am being creative helps me to relax.

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