Meet Leah Spencer Pereira

Leah Spencer Pereira is the owner of the brand new Calling Crow Creative, an Etsy shop dedicated to making functional art pieces with an eclectic theme, infusing gothic, fantasy, and literary imagery onto pottery and glass.

Her work is a perfect gift for someone who appreciates the unusual, quirky and eclectic.

By Lisa Salerno

As owner and artist, Leah designs each item by first sketching it by hand, then transfers the drawings to each object using non-toxic, heat fired paints. This gives each item a durable, dishwasher-safe finish.

Leah’s Skull Candle Literary Mug stands out for its strong imagery and meticulous detail. According to its description on Etsy, “One side features a vacant, staring skull with the last vestiges of a candle melting down its sides. Perched atop a small stack of mysterious tomes, it almost dares you to open a dangerous book on a dark night.”

On the reverse side, is penned a brief quote from poet e e cummings: “Unbeing dead isn’t being alive”, your (slightly spooky) literary reminder to seize the day.


Leah’s “Steampunk Menagerie” series is a fun and imaginative collection of bone china mugs painted with a Steampunk-meets-mother nature theme. Her little Victorian cyborg-like creatures include a perky rivet-jointed bird (shown below), an armored dragon, a mechanize fish and a copper-plated giraffe!

The Calling Crow Creative shop describes the metallic paints painstakingly used to as giving these pieces the “shine and polish of a whimsical Victorian wind-up”. These one-of-a kind cups are sure to make delightful gifts, or cherished additions to your own kitchen.

One of my other favorite pieces from Leah’s collection would be her “Tea with Tentacles”.  The octopus legs add a touch of playfulness and movement as they encircle themselves around each handle, as if the octopus is helping herself to a splash of milk. As Calling Crow Creative describes it, “Why settle for a conventional sugar bowl and creamer set when you could invite a bit of fanciful drama into your morning routine?” This unique, hand painted, tentacled serving duo is just the thing to set your table apart from the ordinary.


Leah Spencer Pereira is an artist, writer, and mother of three. She obtained a BA in English Literature and Studio Arts from Centre College, where she would spend most of her time in the art studios splitting her time between drawing, painting, ceramics, and hot glass. Leah has worn many professional hats before returning to art.

She previously worked for another artist painting glassworks, but has since struck out on her own. This new independence has allowed Leah to explore her eclectic tastes and follow the creative muse wherever she may lead.

When not painting, Leah is involved in homeschooling and advocacy for the education of children with special needs.

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