Meet Rock Band, Squarez Attached

In 2012, four musicians came together, in Delhi, India, to form a rock band. Like the four sides of a square, they were one, and it was by this principle that they called themselves Squarez Attached.


Now, four years later, they have extended their line-up to six, and as a fun-loving group, heavily influenced by 70s and 80s rock, they work together, as a family, to move toward their destiny as a band.

By Brandon Schiafone

How was Squarez Attached formed?

Squarez Attached was formed in early August 2012. It was Gaurav’s (Guitars) idea, he brought together Neel (Vocals). Joydeep (guitars), Priyanka (Vocals). We started off with casual jams.

The band was later complete with Nawin joining in Drums and Yanger joining in Bass. We realised we got along well which led to the composition of original material, that’s when it started to get more real and the rest is history and still in the making.

Why did you decide to name yourselves Squarez Attached?

Squarez Attached must be an unusual name. We believe in equality, integrity and unity, and the name Squarez Attached is just an expression of what we believe in.

Your music holds influences from 1970s and 1980s rock, but if someone were to ask you to describe your sound, what exactly would you tell them?

We are a Rock band and our style of music can be considered a mixture of Indie, Alternate and Hard Rock. The band believes in originality and recreating with the sound of the 70’s and the 80’s.

You’ve been a band now for a little over four years, in that time, what has been one of the biggest things you’ve learned about yourself?

It feels good to have completed four years together. It’s not that easy to stick together for so long. We have learned a lot of things about ourselves both musically and personally but to specify one the best thing that we learnt is that friendship is important. We’re family now.

All that matters is love and respect for each other and everything else will follow naturally. It feels good to say we are and will be together even in hard times whether we reach our destiny as a band or not but certainly, we have gained a family. What else do we need?

How do you feel that the music scene of Delhi has received you and your music thus far?

In the past years, we have received a lot of support and encouragement from the people of Delhi. Few months back, we released one of our songs and people seemed to have appreciated it. We hope people will like our upcoming work as well.

Squarez Attached is a six-piece band, do each of your members contribute in your songwriting process, or does that responsibility fall upon a select few?

Our songs are mostly written by Neel and Priyanka.

When you are performing, what do you do that you feel sets you apart from other bands in your genre?

We feel our performance is set apart by the element of having ‘plain fun’. We love to have fun on stage.

If you are allowed to say so, do you have any changes you’re looking to make to your current sound or stage performance in the near future?

We are always open to experiment but we do not plan to consciously make a change in our sound. If it comes and we like it, we’ll keep it.

What new projects can we expect from Squarez Attached within the next little while?

We are now working on some of our new songs. We are hoping to release them soon.

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