Casey McQuillen ‘Friends’ [Stream]

Boston-based pop singer-songwriter Casey McQuillen has announced the release of her newest single, “Friends.” As part of McQuillen’s heartfelt and honest narrative, the track reflects on the emotional journey of young heartbreak.

Through her music, McQuillen wears her heart on her sleeve to empower listeners faced with self-doubt. “Come Back To Me” is the latest release from her forthcoming EP, “Beautiful,” due out later this year.

McQuillen began her musical journey teaching herself to play guitar and writing her first song as a way to fulfill a 7th-grade school assignment. This initial achievement sparked what would become a wildfire growth of her music career, where she composed songs almost daily and posted live performance videos of herself, amassing over 1 million YouTube views, all while in high school.

She also self-produced, arranged, wrote and performed her first two albums before going on to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston. During her time at Berklee, she continued to write and record more songs, and she co-arranged the tracks that would become her upcoming “Beautiful” EP. McQuillen then jumped into the national spotlight when she competed and earned a spot on American Idol’s Season 13.

Throughout her time at Berklee, she created anti-bullying concert series called The “You Matter” Tour and performed the show in over 100 middle and high schools throughout the New England region.

During the concerts, using her original songs and life stories, McQuillen teaches young students about anti-bullying, building self-confidence, and the benefit of taking risks and pursuing your dreams.

After a decade of holding her own in the industry, Casey McQuillen has blossomed into a confident young musician who does not shy away from her personal journey. Examiner says, “Her songs speak of young love, heartbreak, and personal struggle that reflect what we all share: joy and pain.”

Check out “Friends,” the latest track from this budding star’s new EP, out in Spring 2017.

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