Gearing up for 2017…

opzioni binarie 60 secondi con etoro So I’ve been taking a little blogging break to get myself into more of a Zen mindset to carry into 2017. It hasn’t been easy and perhaps I am still recovering from 2016, but I’m not sure if that’s the best excuse.كيفية-إنشاء-موقع-على-شبكة-الانترنت-مجانا-وكسب-المال By Lisa Salerno

follow link Being an artist can sometimes feel like swimming against the currents. It can feel as though you are pouring your soul into something meaningful yet the masses often don’t see value in it. You put yourself out there again and again… Will your voice be heard this time, or will it vanish like an echo in the wilderness? Why keep going?

enter site One of my favorite mantras of 2016 that really helped me to keep moving forward, especially through times of self-doubt was this: “Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.” – Sarah Kay

follow link For this reason I keep creating and shouting into the internet ether, and I hope all my fellow artists continue to do the same. To my fellow artists: Never loose hope. If someone doesn’t understand what you’re doing, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it just means that they aren’t ready to receive what you have to give. Just keep shining your light outward and the right people and opportunities will find you!

follow site The world needs art more than ever right now. In a time where our free press may be under threat, please remember that artists were the first recorders of events, the original storytellers, and usually some of the first to break social norms. An artist’s reason for existence is to shake things up, to acknowledge what’s right, to raise awareness and bring healing to communities.

binary options customer reviews This tweet I received today from fellow artist Lee McIntyre is everything!

binäre optionen rückzahlung I am currently gearing up for more posts and features for 2017. This year however, I will be focusing on art with a message, art that seeks to ignite positive social change, and art that goes against the norms of what the art market desires. Last but not least, I want to create and share weird art!

In the coming year, I hope to introduce and promote the work of artists who refuse to conform to the trends of the art market, as I know how hard it can be for one to stay true to oneself, especially when no one seems to get it…

Several years ago, when I first started submitting my Paper Dolls series to galleries, gallery owners weren’t exactly sure what to make of my work because it didn’t comfortably fit into a “marketable” category. I received a fair amount of rejections before I decided to go the independent route.

In order to not let these rejections get me down, I decided to embrace it…even make a game out of it. Every time I got a new rejection letter I would cut it out and collage it into my paintings. I would laugh at each response and then say to myself “Oh look! More free collage materials to work with!”

So, with that said, my fellow creatives…Keep on spreading your light and do so with empathy and love. Keep those freak flags up in the air, and waive that shit around higher and prouder in 2017 than you ever have in previous years. I want to see a massive freak flag parade going on…with celebrations so loud that they drown out the voices of those who would otherwise try to repress it. Connect with Lisa Salerno

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