Introducing Danae

Tiffany Danae Thompson began writing and recording music her freshman year of high school in Austin, Texas and continued to refine her voice and songwriting during college in Wheaton, Illinois.

Her songs articulate the everyday struggles of loneliness, loss and love, but all the while looking with a hopeful eye toward the future.

In 2016 she started a new project entitled DANAE, which is a pop music collective based out of Nashville that creates inspirational and engaging experiences that she refers to as positive pop.

DANAE taps into the originality of a team of producers, songwriters, musicians and filmmakers to blur genres and break expectations.

The debut album for DANAE is entitled “Direction” and was released in July 2016. She said this to describe the project: “On the deepest level, the goal of this EP is to give momentum and courage to the listeners. On a more tactical level, “Direction” is the debut of my new sound and musical style. It’s the start of a relationship with fans that can continue for the decades to come. So there has been a goal to connect with as many fans as possible and work together to expand the reach of the Direction EP.”

Direction is available on iTunes now.

Connect with Danae

Credits: Photography by Erica Baker and Dustin Wise

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