Meet Junior Fungai Muduviwa

Born on the 21 September 1980 in Harare – Zimbabwe, Junior Fungai Muduviwa studied at the British American Tobacco Studios of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, where he subsequently obtained a diploma in Fine Arts.

Junior now lives and works in Capetown South Africa where his inspiration is drawn by events in everyday life, his work reflects a genuine talent and a love for painting and the arts.

He has been awarded first prize in ‘graphics’ at the Cottco of Zimbabwe’s annual exhibition. And received second prize in ‘design’ at the Gwenyambira Exhibition, N.G.Z. (National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare).

He has exhibited his art at the following galleries in and around Johannesburg: The Gerald A Lee Gallery, Hyde Park Gallery, Mona Gallery and the Cottco Delta Gallery. He now deals mostly with “Isis Gallery”, in the Mall of Rosebank.

Juniors’ works have been collected by avid art enthusiasts from around the globe including Germany, USA, Norway, Britain and Denmark to name a few.

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