Miranda Vukasovic

click iqoprtion When architecture meets jewellery and fashion design

http://poloclubmiddennederland.nl/wp-content/plugins/delete-all-comments/readme.txt Gone are the days of heavily over-stacking your accessories, as we officially, introduce the latest trend of accessorising using delicate intricate pieces of jewellery.

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click here With celebrities and Instagram stars opting for that less is more look, searching online its clear that designers are producing innovative crafted collections and offerings of bespoke self-design services that invite customers to participate in the design process.

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http://madanha.ir/aribos/arini/3489 Miranda Vukasovic, jewellery designer and musician has travelled the world with her unique surname, her name MIRA/ANDA-in Spanish means ‘MIRAR’, to look, and ‘ANDAR’, to go. Miranda finally rooted herself in Beijing, China designing her handmade jewellery.


http://kinburnguesthouse.co.uk/bioyeue/18542 Vukasovic’s concept of art and architecture was selected by the Not Just A Label team for pioneering and innovative designs. Vukasovic has recently launched her first collection known as http://euromessengers.org/?biodetd=spekulationssteuer-bin%C3%A4re-optionen&a08=f7 LINES, the designs cleverly practise the merging of lines, structure and balance mixed with her skilled knowledge of architecture.

Miranda designs focus on the enclosing space within a visible corner whilst forging lines of pure gold and silver. The LINES collection consists of seven pieces; a bracelet, two different pairs of earrings, a necklace and three different ring shapes.

Each piece is available only for a limited time and made-to-order by the MV team of skilled artisans, on request customers can ask about the embedding of a diamond set into pure 14K yellow, rose white or black gold.

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http://irinakirilenko.com/?deribaska=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-strategie-pdf&281=1f Credits: All black and white photography by Samantha Camozzi

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