From Here to There: APUJAN AW17

APUJAN is a contemporary London based womenswear label that is rich in innovative knitwear techniques.

Every season, designer Apu Jan creates a fantasy world, inspired from different literature; he expresses his message and otherworldly imagination through encompassing it within the complex prints and patterns of his collection.

Apu’s designs are shaped by traditional oriental silhouettes that are brought to life though three-dimensional visual effects through his pioneering knitwear craftsmanship.

The AW17 collection “From Here to There” is a visual journey through a collection of doors from this world to the other side of the universe. Heavily structured with jacquard, print and embroidery, the doors vintage aesthetic creates classic contours of checked, stripes and diamonds.

The interweaving of the contrasting materials develops different dimensions of the doors leaving one to explore their lost fragments. Framing the prints, the design’s silhouettes hone characteristics of traditional oriental costumes accompanied with Western-style outwear and dresses.

The APUJAN collection is showcased each season to the beat of DJ QuestionMark, an award winning DJ, producer and flutist that has been collaborating with APUJAN for all shows since 2013. This season DJ QuestionMark will be performing with Jordan Pharoah and Douglas Pisterman.

The music was inspired by this year’s theme “From Here to There”. The soulful melodies are designed to chaperon the audience though a dreamy journey as they experience the rich fantasy world conceived by Apu Jan.

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